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WalterM brand creation & packaging

Background & Brief

With the UK soft drinks sector worth 4.5 billion, my client wanted to create a watermelon brand that could potentially align to the coconut water sector – (created its own category – now worth 50m grew 171% May 15 to May 16)


All sugary drinks in decline – Coke/all fruit juices Consumers migrating to – Bottled water/enhanced waters (Vitamin water/Coconut Water), so now is the time to launch a powerful brand that can cut through any competitors.

Project Contribution

Concept development - Steve Ives

Creative direction & Art direction - Steve Ives

Design & Artworking - Steve Ives

Website development - Steve Ives

Packaging design - Steve Ives

Logo development

Brand guidelines

Livery & Staff clothing


Packaging development

Final packaging design

Banner design

Website design

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