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Delphix DataOps Platform ABM Campaign

Background & Brief

This campaign set out to raise awareness of how the Delphix DataOps Platform can help businesses accelerate application development and fuel innovation, through an ABM campaign.

Data Is The Slowest Part Of the Application Development Value Chain, due to 3 key bottlenecks in delivery, governance and release. The Delphix DataOps Platform offers a modern approach to reducing this issue.

Project Contribution

Concept development - Steve Ives

Creative direction & Art direction - Steve Ives

Design & Artworking - Steve Ives

Storyboarding - Steve Ives

Video production creative lead - Steve Ives

Concept 1 - Data at your fingertips


A tactile and sensory-oriented experience that emphasises how useable data can be physically available at our prospects’ fingertips.

The Delphix DataOps Platform provides a sense of satisfaction and instant gratification.

There aren’t any obstacles or bottlenecks. There’s no frustrating wait. Data is right here, in the hands of people who need it most. The concept explored ideas around the sense of touch, including finishing techniques such as textured stocks, spot UV's, foils, embossing, thermal inks that react from body heat.

Concept 2 - A toast to the release of bottlenecks



In this concept, I wanted to focus on celebrating the Delphix DataOps platform and how it eliminates bottlenecks by offering a toast. Comprised of a suite of bottles, with optionally non-alchoholic or high quality spirits, served in miniature bottles. On each bottle neck and label we highlight emphasise how The Delphix DataOps platfform delivers this benefit and fuels innovation.

Concept 3 - Your journey to better application development


Inspired by Monika Saha’s presentation, this route expands on the relatable train narrative.

The train symbolises the journey of data and is made of several carriages. The first three represent the DataOps Platform Solutions: Deliver, Govern and Accelerate. The back three carriages represent the three bottlenecks: Delivery, Governance and Release.

The journey is being held back and delayed by the bottleneck carriages and need to be de-coupled when they reach their first destination – The Delphix DataOps Platform.

Once unshackled, the train accelerates to an incredible speed, fuelled by innovation and on track to reach the ultimate destination of application development freedom in record time.

Art direction:

I explored various illustrational styles, but ultimately rested on using a papercut style. This style has a a more 3 dimensional look and feel, more eye-catching and engaging, and loved the idea of this style being animated. It also has a very fresh and modern look to it.


Finished direct mailer


Event stand design


Web page design

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