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Dell APEX Console video

Background & Brief

APEX Console launched at Dell Tech World in May 2021. As part of the APEX as-a-service offerings, it provides a self-service management platform that allows users to reduce complexities and drive efficiencies, by allowing them to identify, configure, deploy, monitor and expand solutions quickly depending on their unique business needs/requirements.

We were asked to create a high-level promotional video to drive awareness of the console and showcase the business benefits it can help deliver, across different industry use cases. It was essential that we ensure that the concept and the creative resonates with the IT Decision Maker target audience (ITDM), and to ensure that we clearly portray how the technology is a core enabler in helping organisations achieve their outcomes.

Project Contribution

Concept development - Steve Ives & Tom Storrer

Creative direction & Art direction - Steve Ives

Design & Artworking - Steve Ives

Storyboarding - Steve Ives

Video production creative lead - Steve Ives

Concept 1 - The key to unlocking innovation

As an ITDM, unlocking innovation for their company no matter how big or small is a day-to-day challenge.

Cutting through the noise and making the right IT decisions can feel like a shot in the dark.

In our first concept we see an ITDM front and centre in a darkened room. They contemplate their current frustrations and the decisions they need to make to find the right solutions.

These thoughts and processes become visualised through a multitude of illuminated screens that fill the room.

The frustrations that are visualised slowly disappear and are replaced by footage of use cases.

These illuminated images are a visual representation of the success stories of the APEX Console that inspire the ITDM. Empowering them to unlock innovation and allow their business to evolve.

Concept 2 - No more complexity


In this concept we’ve taken the idea of putting the ITDM front and centre to the extreme. We aim to inspire our audience through a direct, authentic and passionate endorsement that gets straight to the point about how the APEX Console reduces complexity, and empowers them to control and manage their data.

We start with a close up of their face as they confidently begin their call to arms. They break the 4th wall, staring into our audience’s eyes as their monologue begins to inspire and invigorate ITDMs around the globe.

Drawing inspiration from the APEX Console use cases we see film directors, scientists, historians , F1 drivers and other ITDMs. They are united with our main character and represent how the APEX platform creates a ripple effect of growth and success across various industries.

No more accelerating costs, no more loss of data control, no more struggles in meeting company demands, no more issues with performance upgrades, and no more problems with balancing investments - NO MORE COMPLEXITY.

We’re FREE to get to innovation faster!

Chosen concept - Meet the next generation of decision makers


This concept is a celebration of the decision makers that are already using the APEX Console.

Drawing from inspiration of the AWS video, we see our characters working in offices, conferences, cafes and at home, dreaming big and reinventing the way business runs.

They’re at the top of their game, they are pioneers, paving the way forward to a simpler, faster and more agile way of working.

They’re achievers that drive success and enable innovation, and they’re here to ‘showcase’ that success to all other ITDMs.

Meet the next generation of decision makers, empowered by APEX Console. A console that gives them the control they need without being slowed down and the freedom to innovate. The video moves at a fast pace, with strong positive music that mirrors the momentum and efficiency that the ITDMs are working at and to help instil that sense of excitement to the viewer.

We’re creating a movement and a culture to be a part of, and not get left behind.


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